Kaskus Kiel

Dwarven druid and barkeep


Kaskus has a deep and noisy love for mountains and caverns. He had a debt of loyalty to Lavinia who’s father resqued Kaskus from slavery over a 14 years ago.

He was part of a group of adventurers named the Jade Ravens who served Lavinia around the same time the Heroes of Farshore did.

The Jade Ravens disbanded after Demogorgon was killed.
Tolin Kientai and Zan Oldavin perished during the assault on Gaping Maw and Liamae Teslikaria
decided to go with Gwynharwyf to the celestial planes.

Kaskus returned home but when he heard about what had happened at Sasserine he searched out Lavinia in Farshore.

Kaskus Kiel

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