Avin Sumaeleon

Elven Sea Warlock


Avin Sumaeleon (Storm the Water Whisper Master)

Avin his past is mostly shrouded in mystery. But there are some facts known about it.
A couple of years ago, some fishermen actually fished Avin out of the water, yet he doesn’t seem to be an Aquatic “elf” per say. But he does share a bond with them, his spirit is of the waters, as his more magically inclined elven kind would call it. But that is not all, while most elves are more resistant to certain magical effects. Avin doesn’t, instead seems to be more adept at divination and sleep inducing magic, which also allows him to visit someone in their dreams and talk to them, though it is only a one sided conversation.

The Alya

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Avin was born and raised on the deck of an elven trade ship owned by his parents. His father was the captain of the ship and his mother was the second in command. But it was not all, his mother was also a Sea Witch, using her magic to aid the ship in anyway possible and it was also from her from whom he learned his trade, or at least apprenticed with her from early childhood.
The ship was called the “Alya” or in mundane tongue the “Sea Bridge”. It was a very successful commercial vessel which hired various skilled seamen. (hint hint, player connection possibility)
They traded between the many isles, always looking for an opportunity to make profit and feel the win in their hair. The ocean was their life. But as with every trader vessel, the risk of being raided was great and they were not exempt from that.

Sudden end

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During a dark storm in mid sea, the Alya ran across a pirate most foul! It was the infamous Captain Chandrossa, whom embedded his ship right into the flank of the Alya and entered it. Everyone on the Alya was put to the blade, than it was plundered and burned. The only survivor was Avin. Who was knocked overboard when Chandrossa rammed the Alya. Avin, still a young man was able to swim towards a barrel which was knocked overboard just like him. He clung to it and drifted in the water for a couple of days, living of seaweed and the few sparse rations which he could scrounge after the Alya sank. During this time it became even more clear to him, how much his familiar meant to him. Alama was with him all the time and supported him, whispering him encouraging words, to never give up, to keep on fighting and helping him getting food.

Alama aka Bubbles

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It was also his mother who helped Avin to find his familiar named Alama (Sea Beauty in Elven), it was through his mother’s magic that Alama was created. Alama nearly immediately created a bond with Avin and up to this day they are inseparable. Alama whom Avin named “Bubbles” is a lively little Zhyen Water Genie.


Avin Sumaeleon

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