Javik’s sheet

Javik’s bloodline:
Javik is the last descended from a long line of sorcerers, his family inherited their powers from an ancient green dragon named Dastrivox several centuries ago. Over time there family mixed with another sorcerer family descended from a Succubus queen who attempted to make a cult devoted to her and led by her half-demon offspring until a group of paladins of Iomedae said no.


Life on Ilizmagorti can be a very peaceful, as long as you take care not to mess with Red Mantis. A rule that Javik’s father didn’t take to as he attempted to wrest control of the port city from them. While he did come close, he didn’t come close enough and died a, what Javik heard, a very painful and gruesome dead. After this the only reason that the 10 year old Javik survived is that his father cast one spell to make it seem that he died with them.

After this, Javik spend most of his days begging for scrap and taking whatever odd job he could find. Fortunately over time he gathered some close friends and together they managed to survive and more importantly stay unnoticed from the Red Mantis. Until Javik entered a relationship with the wife of a noble, who was more then a little angry. When he found out Javik was forced to take ship and leave the city and hopefully the Red Mantis.

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