Lavinia Vanderboren

Young noble woman


Lavinia Vanderboren is the eldest daughter of the Vanderboren family. Her parents were both nobles and adventurers. She grew up with her older brother Vanthus in the city of Sasserine but when a practical joke went wrong their parents decided to split them up. Lavinia was sent to study at Westcrown in Cheliax. She returned to Sasserine less than a year ago.

Lavinia is an attractive young human woman of 22 years old. She likes to wear blue or green gowns which complement her deep sea-green eyes and long flowing blonde hair.

One month ago both her parents died in a tragic accident. Their new ship burned down completely with them in it. Lavinia has since become the heir to the Vanderboren estate in Sasserine. She still has her brother however and several other family members in Cheliax, Sargava and Korvosa.

The Vanderboren mansion is located in the eastern section of the merchant district. The seven foor stone wall that surrounds the estate is impossible to miss as is the towering three story tall gothic house that dominates the grounds within. Leering gargoyles and capering nymphs festoon the eaves of the manor’s roof and several trees give the manor grounds a nice buffer from the bustle of the city.

Lavinia Vanderboren

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