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  • Zan Oldavin

    A jaunty flamboyant man who takes perhaps too keen an interest in his dagger collection, Zan's carefree and sometimes irresponsible attitude tends to get all four of the Jade ravens in to trouble with the authorities.

  • Caine "Bullet" McAllister

    p(oembed). "Themesong":http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtbFYs3KjHg&feature=related * h3. The story of Caine "Bullet" McAllister "You're sitting on my spot..." Said the burly ruffian at the bar, his muscles rippling with every movement. Various …

  • Isabella Whitemane

    h6. Ship's log, Captain Talbor We encountered a derelict tradeschip today, and when we boarded it were taken by surprise. The entire ship was abandonned, and filled with phantoms and shades, probably of the crew. Something terrible must have happened …

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