A meeting

When Lavinia returned home from Cheliax i decided to join her. I like the girl a lot, which came to me as a surprise given the fact that getting close to her started as a job. But over the years she broke through my defenses it seems.

I rent a small appartment above one of the wealthier taverns in the merchant district. It gives me the opportunity to earn a living.

Out of the blue Lavinia has asked me to come to her place for some kind of meeting. To my surprise there were quite a number of people attending. Well, some I knew ofcourse. Isabella for instance, looking sexy in a mysterious way; and martin, allways looking as if he’s gone and sat down on a broomstick by accident as usual. And i’d met – and heard of- Bullet before, although what he was doing there was beyond me. not the kind of person I’d pictured hanging around her estate. At my place I could see it, but not hers.

And Kaya was all new to me. Obviously a hotblooded warior girl. I was considering talking to her when she all of a sudden began talking about how she’d been looking for me for years concerning a stabbing six years ago. I thought I’d die then and there. I hadn’t thought about all of that for years, but now it all came rushing in again. This must be where it started to go to hell in a handbasket. I’ll have to tackle her alone somewhere, and soon, and get her to talk.

Oh, and Marek was there ofcourse; hiding in the back, looking inconspcious and hoping to go by unnoticed. I took on a pose to give him a better view, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. It took some effort not to start giggling.

Lavinia had some bad news; she’s running short on money and needs to pay off some debts. One of her ships is under guard in the docks, and the key to the family vault is on board. The fella leading those guards took the money to free the ship but never gave her a receipt; and ofcourse he’s keeping the money for himself. A fella going by the name of Solar Vark.

Lavinia wanted us to try and get the key, and she’s paying us some money to do so. I would have done it even without payment. Ofcourse I’m accepting payment. My appartment doesn’t pay itself. but i think if she asked me and said she couldn’t pay i’d still do it.

So we went. All of a sudden there’s noise comming from behind, and there’s Caine in the back holding a gun against Marek’s nose. Infuriating man! He does live up to his reputation of appearing and disappearing when you least expect it.

Marek wanted to join us, so we let him. At the docks I noticed the ship was moored to a floting platform in the middle of the harbor. I went to talk to the guards, and flashed them some skin and a smile. At least Caine took his cue and managed to disappear. After that we went to look for a small boat. When we got near the ship we heard shouting. It seemed marek joined Caine and managed to get himself caught. martin decided it was a good time to take up archery, and I tried to distract the crew by creating the illusion of a couple of broadsides being fired from the harbor mouth. The shouts and splashes comming from the side of the ship made me smile.

I then charmed one of the swimming ‘heroes’ into protecting me when we boarded the ship. We quickly overpowered the remaining crew. In the mean time someone had set fire to the ship to hide the fact that they were going to use it to smuggle exotic animals. By the time I got there some huge spider had escaped it’s cage, so I used a couple of grease spells tohold it in place, and Kaya used that enormous cleaver of hers to dispatch it in a gruesome shower of gore.

Caine interrogated Varek and then sent him off to his ancestors. I can’t really blame him for that. That fella was going to cause us more problems if he was left alive. Caine , isabella and Marek then went to tell Lavinia the good news, and give her the key. I decided to stay on the ship with the rest; to guard it. I also took the opportunity to talk a bit to my ‘knight in soaking wet rags’. He’s a mercenary hired by Vark to guard the ship, so i’m not holding a grudge towards him. Once new guards from lavinia arrived we left the ship, and I took Ronald along to my place. He’s reasonably good looking and in shape, so after a bath maybe we can have some fun. Or at the very least I can gain a guard for my place if he’s not that good looking after I get him out of those rags.

A meeting

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