Absalom's Coin

Absalom s coin

The Absalom’s Coin is one of the most powerful ships that sail the Fever Sea. It is owned by the Aspis Consortium and makes berth at Bloodcove. It often accompanies important merchant vessels carrying gold from bloodcove to the inner sea region, but is mostly used to impress and intimidate the pirates of the Shackles. The Concortium has made it clear on multiple occasions that it will not allow it’s vessels to be attacked. The Absalom’s Coin makes retaliation for acts of piracy a real problem for the free captains. The Hurricane King’s ship, the Filthy Lucre, is said to be the only ship in the Shackles capable of taking on the Absalom’s Coin.

The Absalom’s Coin is manned by a skilled crew hired in Absalom, Taldor and Cheliax. Next to it’s regular crew the ship also houses a contingent of well trained mercenaries in case it would get boarded.

The ship’s captain is relativly unknown. The ship’s true master is Kelim Esteban however, an important merchant within the Aspis Consortium and the consortium’s governer to Bloodcove.

Absalom's Coin

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