and off to the other island

A lot has happened since the last time I had a chance to write here.

We decided to take on the Lotus Dragon, and some investigation revealed the taxidermist’s place as a likely entrance to their hideout. I remember some fighting, but the next clear thought is waking up in the street near the place. When I made my way back to Lavinia’s I learned others had gone missing. Marek and our Illusionist returned later and told some weird tale of being teleported to another plane and meeting some celestial being there. I had a feeling they were holding back something and managed to pry all of it out of the illusionist. The celestials are hunting for an item that was made to imprison demons that are too powerful for them to kill. He trusts those celestials implicitely, even though as far as I know they’re not the most trustworthy kind and probably have their own agenda.

Later Marek came to me asking me about my deal with Malcanthet! Really, everything seems to be coming apart. Some witch had told him everything. I considered lying; which wouldn’t have been much of a problem. But the witch was an unknown factor. Since she knew so much I was affraid of what else she could tell him. So I gambled an told him the truth, asking him to reveal nothing of this to anyone else. If he ever breaks his word on this I know just who to talk to to shut him up.

I don’t recall how we got the information, but the next thing we did was take a ship to Kraken’s Cove to try and stop Vanthus from taking some pirate treasure. By the time we got there we saw the bay was an inferno and had to take a landroute. We had to fight and kill numerous pirates and animals in various stages of mutation; something like the guard we killed at the farm. We found the remains of an infamous pirate in his bed; and Bullet took his fancy rapier and hat, and some very accurate seamaps. And we assisted an uninfected pirate dispatch some monsters. She told us she’d brought a big pearl to be sold in Sasserine, and she met Vanthus to trade some exotic animals, but he tried to steal the pearl and dropped it. It shattered and released a cloud of poison. this most likely caused the mutations. She then sent one of her men to Sasserine to kill Lavinia in retribution; and she gave us her earring to convince him to stop his attempts.

We took the one remaining ship in the bay to head back to Sasserine.

Once we got there we noticed some celebration was going on, and we had quite some difficulties getting through the crowd.

We got there in time however to save Lavinia and the Jade Ravens.

A few days later lavinia held a meeting to tell us she intended to sail to a colony her parents had started on some remote Island. That island is supposed to be near a place where an ancient city has sunk into the earth. We agreed to go along. I assisted Bullet to get good prices for goods he needed to buy, and I invested all my savings in this enterprise. Seems like a good thing to do.

Lavinia asked us to take on passengers. One of them is a noble from Sasserine. A real dick. Rumour has it his parents sent him off to the colony to get rid of him. He was throwing a tantrum about not being allowed to take his horse even though it was not agreed upon. I had to step in and do my thing or Bullet would have shot him then and there.

Then Marek started trouble when Kayia made a remark about him charming all kinds of wild animals to fool around with. He even insulted her, saying she should stick with playing with her toy swords. Not the smartest thing to do, insulting a barbarian with a huge sword. He even tried to drag me into the conflict, comparing my talking people into helping me with his collecting exotic animals. I decided to ignore him. If he doesn’t see the difference …

We were attacked by some elemental creatures, and a lot of investigation revealed we had a stowaway. While I was searching in the hold I was attacked from behind by Art, the strange fellow from the farm. He almost killed me and eventually managed to escape. Some time later wa captured him and he told us he had had a prophecy where he saw us doing evil, and he had decided to try and kill us. We sent him away.

After this people were getting summoned to strange places. All of the various parties involved in the hunt for the artifact started playing their hand. Isabella revealed Pharasma and Charon had informed her of a prophecy and the fact some major factions were involved (the celestials, the witch and Malcanthet). And she proposed we make our own decision as a group. Wise words.

It’s around that time I woke up in that noble’s cabin with no recollection of how I got there. He was tied to the bed, and everywhere there were signs of a wild night. Since he ws still sleeping I took the opportunity to look through his little book, which happened to be a collection of his toughts about all his conquests. I decided to leave him bound and gagged on his bed. When I met Bullet he had some complaints abiut the noise. I had no real reply to this since I have no memory about the night whatsoever. In my room there was a not waiting on my bed. All it said was ‘Well of Darkness’. I think all of this is a message from Malcanthet. It would be the first I’ve had in years. But what does it mean?

and off to the other island

Skull and Shackles DirkVanleeuw