Black Swan

We managed to get our ship floating again, and sailed North towards shore. A few days out I noticed some lights and smoke on the horizon at night. We went to investigate and found an abandoned ship, with burn marks and some wreckage. We boarded to investigate and had to fight some sea creatures, including an aquatic ooze.

We rescued six people holed up in the hold. They came aboard.

We used the ship to canibalise for further repairs to our own. After this was done, Plug ordered the other one burnt, and decided to leave two people on the burning ship to die. We decided this was our call for a mutiny.

Apparently he was expecting this move for he didn’t look surprised. Well, in the end expecting our move didn’t help them for we managed to take the ship after all. I took Plug’s cutlas for my own; it’s a nice magical blade with a power to call forth the sea and slam an opponent overboard.

Next we set sail for Bloodcove. Now this place is something to see. The port is built on the roots of an ENORMOUS mangrove tree. This thing must be a mile high.

The second thing we noticed was a big warship moored on a dock flying the colors of the Aspis Corporation. That’s a merchant corporation with enough power and resources to be rather safe of pirates.

The next couple of days were spent looking for a crew, telling stories of our deeds and looking for a place to refit the ship. On one of my strolls I noticed a strange little riverboat moored on a dock. It was a metal thing with no signs of sails or any of the common means of propulsion. Apparently it’s some kind of magic.

We also had an encounter with some kind of dragon. Namara, one of the people we’d rescued on the ship, came to us for a talk or something when the creature came diving out of the tree. We had quite a fight, but managed to capture it alive. i proposed to sell it alive, and it made us quite a bit of money.

After this I took a bunch of us for a party in town. A remember drinking a lot, but not how I got back to the ship. The captain left orders not to go out on another binge next night. Cupcake kept insisting on going for another drink In the end I complied and went along but didn’t drink any alcohol. But I kept his glass full.

When I assisted him back to the ship, I noticed we were being followed. I tried to take a look at who it was after I’d pushed Cupcake into another bar. However, I lost both!

I reported it in, and the captain decided we’d try and find him. He was tracked to the residential area, into some noble girl’s bed! This mess ended with a hilarious scene of Cupcake running through the city in his bare ass, pursued by us and an outraged father. And a flogging.

Anyways, now we’re on that metal riverboat going upstream on a mission for the Aspis Consortium. We’re supposed to deliver goods to an outpost, and they’ll refit our ship.

Black Swan

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