So our trip back to the island was rather uneventful.
We managed to drop anker not too far from the reef and the wreck, and took our boat in closer.

Cupcake and I climbed onboard of the piece still sitting above water, but he was harpooned and dragged into the water. We had a fight with some kind of menfolk, and after a few seconds two hammerhead sharks joined in. It took quite a bit of doing but we managed to kill them in the end. We found some plunder in the remaining cargo hold. Apparently this was a vessel of Sarenrae clergy.

One of the menfolk wore a strange necklace, but we haven’t looked into this yet.

After this we started hunting again. After a few days our lookout spotted a merchant ship. But it tried to run once it spotted us. We followed it for the better part of two days, and then our prey pulled a trick on us. It took us close to another pirate vessel that joined in the hunt.

Now we had to deal with competition as well. Now, we managed to board the merchant, and cleared the deck before the other pirate could do so. The fact that a number of sailors just jumped ship helped of course. The pirates gave us more trouble. But we managed.

We put a skeleton crew on the merchant and set sail for Rickety Squibs to sell it. On route we saw two nights in a row a strange whaler on the horizon. People soon started telling tales of a ghostship that will attack when it’s been spotted two nights in a row. So we prepared, and sure enough the next night it attacked from a fog cloud. We managed to board them and kill the captain; and we took their cargo before it sank. Including 670 human skulls!!

In Rickety Squibs we sold the merchant, and had some weapons installed on the Swan. This gave us some time for feasting.

Cupcake saw some tail; a member of a mean-looking crew. The only woman among them. Now, I’m not sure of what went on after he left with her. But: the captain told us we were staying a few more days; a BIG green dragon came by and made a fuss until it was killed by the crew of the other pirate (and they’re all werewolves for crying out loud); and cupcake shifted into a werewolf as well. I wonder if the captain planned it like this; I mean she did want to wait two more nights, until the full moon that is.

Now, I took the time to learn to know Maria a bit further; Cupcake has dumped her anyways. I spent the better part of those two days with her.

She’s been into pirate stories for years and fancies the gentleman pirate thing. But she also told me of the old practice of ‘Cracking the Stone’. That’s the conquering the fortress of Tidewater Cove and keeping it as a base. I told the captain it might not be a bad idea for us to do this as we’re trying to make a name for us.


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