After we dispatched the fiends lounging in the room Martin told us the next room held a spirit naga. Those are nasty spellcasters. We had no choice but to continue on. But the moment we entered it’s lair we were greeted with a fireball. I started a song so i’d have the option to intervene if it managed to charm one of our melee. it didn’t, so the moment it was penned in I dropped a zone of silence. After that it seemed to surrender, and when Kaiya grabbed it I dropped the silence.

It informed us about a Lemurian golem up ahead in the master’s lair, about two keys being necessary to enter; about a treasure room and some statues making a lot of noise in the hallway.

We let it go after this, and went in search of the keys and the treasure. Once we had it all, we opened the door to the hallway with the alarm statues, and I dropped a few zones of silence.

When we opened the room of the master, we saw him playing with our companions who were hanging above an open fire. He was visibly shaken by our sudden appearance. Malcanthet was lounging on cushions in that room, and she was pleased with our appearance. But she jumped up and berated him and teleported out.

We engaged him and killed him faily quickly. But after he died the golem became active. he started talking and I suspect Demogorgon was using it to hand us a message. We had quite some trouble destroying it. i had to result to using a wand to weaken it, and even tried to blind it with a glitterdust spell.

When Kaiya sundered it, a cristal dropped out and shattered on the ground. It formed a gate through which the fog from the Fogmire was sucked in. I warned the rest not to enter the gate as it was linked to Gaping Maw. it closed after the last of the fog was sucked in.

We went on and finally reached a defensive wall patrolled by natives. They were grateful for our actions erasing the demonic taint on the area. Maybe their gratefulness will come in handy.

After a few more days we reached the sea, and used canoes to row to Farshore. Before reaching the bay, we noticed smoke rising and knew there was trouble.

There were two ships in the harbor. Lavinia’s Blue Nixie; and a pirate vessel.
We tried to enterthe pirates, but the shot up our canoes and I had a lot of trouble swimming. by the time I reached the boat, all was done. So we proceeded to the town. I went around charming a number of pirates and managed to make seven my thralls.

The people of Farshore are extremely happy and grateful, even if Avner’s uncle insists on hanging my thralls.

I questioned the pirates and they told me the Crimson Pirate fleet has business with the Isle of Dread. They don’t know what it is, but I suspect it has something to do with what they were dong in Kraken’s Cove. In two months the fleet will be in Farshore.

There are a few things I think we should do before then:

  • enlist the natives
  • enlist the lizard folk
  • maybe enlist some animals since we have a druid
  • have people strengthen the wall
  • train militia
  • make some more explosives if someone knows how

I informes Lavinia of our impending trouble, and she quickly reacted. She went to claim the pirate ship for the defense. And that’s when the shit went up in a bang. Bullet went completely nuts and started arguing about it being his prise. Maybe I should have intervened right there and then but to be honest I couldn’t think of anything to say. looking back i could have argued about his lack of people to man it to start with. And he could have laid a claim after we survived the fleet. i’m sure Lavinia would have agreed to that.

But right then I couldn’t think of anything. Thing went sour rapidly after that. Bullet didn’t want to come to a meeting with Lavinia. She asked us to go claiml the ship since we’re working for her. And then Kaiya started spitting in a rage! So it ended with Lavinia sending the Jade Ravens to claim the ship, and ordering us to stay out.

Bullet reacted by blowing up the ship of all things. He’s gone completely insane.

I decided to go to Avner’s uncle. he’s a candidate for the post of mayor and I wanted to try and seduce him to maybe get him to withdraw his claim in favor of Lavinia. But he seems shielded to influencing. I cannot but bevery impressed by the man. I told him I respect him as a capable leader, but that my loyalties lie with Lavinia.

I must ask him if maybe he won’t agree to some kind of arrangement; as in withdrawing from the coming election in favor of Lavinia in return for something?


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