Farshore Town

A colony established by Lavinia Vanderboren’s parents on the small island of Temute, just south of the Isle of Dread mainland. Lavinia organised a second expedition to relieve the colony and provide more settlers, advertising the trip in Sasserine. After the “battle for Farshore” the church of Asmodeus was allowed to set up shop as a reward for helping, a deal set up by Martin.
Not long thereafter the hellknights came to Farshore and with the help of Isabella built a fortress as a home. The lizardmen where asked to help in the battle by Martin and former mayor Meravanchi asked them to stay as a mercenary force to annex the Olman tribes.

Farshore (hamlet): Convetional; AL NG; Population 280; Assets 15,600gp; Isolated (210 humans, 3 half-elves, 6 halflings, 3 dwarves, 3 gnomes, 45 lizardmen).

Farshore map

Map Key

1. Farshore Docks

2. Warehouses

3. Palisade

4. Watchtowers

5. Lizardmen Gate

6. Farshore Cemetery

7. East Gate

8. Militia Barracks

9. Vanderboren Manor

10. Church of Asmodeus

11. The Clayworks

12. Sellis Woodworks and Smithy

13. Tehrik’s Tannery

14. The Last Coconut

15. Farshore Chapel and orhpanage

16. Hall of Records

17. The Infirmary

18. Greenhouse

19. Professor Aldwattle’s Laboratory

20. Farshore Farms (small holdings)

Farshore Town

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