• Water Rat [General] Most of Azure District’s citizens learn to swim at a very early age, and take to the water as easily as land.

District: Azure.

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on Swim checks. When wearing light or no armor and not encumbered, fatigued, or exhausted, you can swim at one-half your speed as a move action or your full speed as a full-round action. While swimming, you gain a +2 bonus on Initiative checks. Normal: Without the benefi ts of this feat, a character swims at one-quarter his speed as a move action or at one-half speed as a full-round action.
  • Arena Blood [General] The blood of an arena champion flows in your veins, giving you a thirst for glory and a drive to succeed.

District: Champion’s.

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Intimidate skill checks. In addition, whenever you successfuly demoralize an opponent using the Intimidate skill during combat you are immediately healed of 1d4 points of nonlethal damage. You also gain a +2 morale bonus on your CMB and CMD if you are aware of any noncombatants observinga fight you are participating in.

  • Steadfast Loyalty [General] Self control and discipline are the birthright of many who grow up in Champion’s District, and you strive to uphold these ideals.

District: Champion’s.

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Will saving throws against charm, compulsion, and fear effects. In addition, if you have the Leadership feat, your leadership score increases by +1.

  • Suspicious Eye [General] You are always on the lookout for treachery and wrongdoing, like many of the other people from Cudgel District.

District: Cudgel.

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Sense Motive skill checks. In addition, the DC to take an object from you through the Sleight of Hand skill is increased to 25. You still receive the normal opposed Perception skill check to notice the attempt, and if you make this check, you may immediately make an attack of opportunity on the target who was attempting to pick your pocket. If someone attempts the feint on you, you gain a +4 bonus on your Sense Motive check to avoid the feint.

  • Merchant’s Tongue [General] Growing up around the merchants of this district made you glib and gave you a keen eye for value.

District: Merchant.

Benefit: You have already made quite a bit of money, and have a knack for making more. If you take this feat at 1st level, you gain a one-time bonus of 300 gp to your starting cash. In addition, whenever you sell an object, you can make an opposed Diplomacy check to automaticaly sell an object for 5% over its asking price.

  • Academy Graduate [General] You attended one of several academies in this district, during which you were schooled in the fi ner arts of being an aristocrat.

Prerequisite: 1st level only.

District: Noble. _ Benefit:_ Pick any three Charisma- or Intelligence-based skills. These three skills are considered class skills for you. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (nobility) checks, and may use these skills untrained.

  • Knack for Magic [General] Magic is not that mysterious to you, and it’s gifts have made your life a little easier.

District: Noble.

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Spellcraft skill checks. In addition, you have an innate talent for magic, granting you the following spell-like abilities as a 1st-level caster: 1/day— detect magic, light, and prestidigitation.

  • Child of the Shadow [General] You were raised in the streets and back alleys of Shadowshore and have refined several talents and tricks valuable to survival in this neighborhood.

District: Shadowshore.

Benefit: You know Sasserine’s black market quite well, and need not make checks to locate its outlets. Further, in other cities, you have a knack for rooting out the underground markets. You gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks made to learn about a city’s black markets. Growing up on the filthy streets of Shadowshore has also gifted you with several tricks you can use to ensure survival. You gain a +2 bonus on Initiative checks in urban environments. You are also adept at fighting in confined areas, such as narrow city alleyways or crowded taprooms. Enemies cannot gain cover from you if they are in your reach; you can thus attack someone around a corner without penalty. A creature with total cover from you still recieves all benefits of his cover.

  • Student of Nature [General] The wild has always excited you with its simple beauty and majestic creatures. It is no wonder that many of your talents let you better enjoy the natural world.

District: Sunrise.

Benefit: You get a +1 bonus on Handle Animal, Knowledge (nature), and Survival skill checks. You also get a +2 bonus on Fortitude saving throws to resist special attacks from plant creatures.

  • Storm-Lashed [General] Standing watch on deck in gales and storms has hardened your body to the elements.

Prerequisites: Profession (sailor) 1 rank

Benefit: You can ignore many of the effects of severe weather. Rain: Your visibility is only reduced by one-quarter and you only take a –2 penalty on Perception checks. Fog: You can ignore the concealment granted to creatures by fog (but you are still limited to 5 feet of visibility). Winds: You are treated as one size category larger for the purpose of ignoring wind effects. You take half the normal penalty on Perception checks. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on all Constitution checks and Survival checks made to resist the effects of severe weather of any kind. If aboard a boat or ship, this bonus increases to +4.

  • Varisian Tattoo You bear intricate tattoos which inspire and empower your natural magical ability. These tattoos mark you as a worker of the ancient traditions of Varisian magic. A Varisian tattoo typically consists of a long string of characters in Thassilonian, the language found on the ancient monuments of the land. Most are quite complex, running the entire length of an arm or leg.

Prerequisite: Spell Focus in matching school.

Benefit: Select a school of magic other than divination in which you have Spell Focus—you cast spells from this school at +1 caster level. Additionally, you can cast a single cantrip as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1/day, caster level equals Hit Dice, save DC is Charisma-based). The spell-like ability gained (and its Varisian name) are as follows:

Abjuration (avidais): resistance / Conjuration (idolis): acid splash / Enchantment (carnasia): daze / Evocation (ragario): dancing lights / Illusion (vangloris): ghost sound / Necromancy (voratalo): touch of fatigue / Transmutation (avaria): mage hand.


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