Hellknight Trouble

Some weeks passed after the battle in which the town startes to ‘lick its wounds’ and rebuild.
But quite a few odd things started to pop up.

  • The smith was crafting Hellknight armors
  • The new temple of Asmodeus asked Kaiya to train recruits
  • The same temple was given a spot of land to build a fortress
  • mayor Meravanchi payed the lizard people to stay

So I convinced Lavinia that maybe it was time to think of elections. i just couldn’t get myself to trust Meravanchi.

Meravanchi revealed his plans for Farshore. Hellknights would be law and order. And Farshore would expand, conquering the Olman tribes. We tried to convince the people they shouldn’t just accept whatever the mayor decides; that a new war would be bad for them; that they would loose their freedom for a sense of safety and greatness.

Then rumors started that we had tried to harm or kill the priestess of Asmodeus. Soon after however Lavinia was found killed. I transformed into a small viper to track down the killer and traced it to Meravanchi’s place. He was arrested by the Hellkights and confessed; and he was executed later. Lavinia was resurrected by Isabella and she now is mayor.

The Hellknights got a lot of goodwill by their actions in capturing the killer and are here to stay. More’s the pitty but there’s that.

Later lavinia asked to investigate Galavant Cove. She found in her brother’s diary that’s where he got the Shadow Pearls. On our way I had to use some magic to charm a roc to keep him from wrecking our boat.

We found a fissure leading into the mountains and found troglodytes who’re sick. We found their settlement, and we freed a captive Olman priest and a troglodyte who wasn’t sick for some reason. He wanted to be our guide. We killed a black pudding and released a roper.

Our guide led us to an area where we saw a strange curtain like blue light. he called it the Cerulean Curtain. but he had no idea what it was. When we later passed through it, it had a dispelling effect. And as we could see later on, it also repels water. We’re miles below the water surface, but the curtain prevents it from getting in.
And then he led us to an aboleth. Apparently it’s been trapped there for milennia. They had an empire, but it was destroyed by the humlans who sunk the city. It wants us to destroy an artifact that creates the curtain.

It told us of the Shadow Pearls. They are created by demons and kopru working together by harnessing energy from an abyssal plane.

It also did something to my mind. it hurt a lot, but now I can understand any language.

Hellknight Trouble

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