Into the Maw

We set sail on the Wyvern. Our destination: Gaping Maw and Lavinia’s rescue.
It took some doing but we managed to open a wakeportal and found ourselves on the gloomy Abyssal Sea.

We met a strange looking ship; traders it turned out. We did some shopping, and I bought a decent map of Gaping Maw. Khiria spent a crazy amount of gold to buy slaves to set them free. I just have to wonder how many of these were captured just because she asked for them?

Our captain set a course for Demogorgon’s capital city. This place turned out to be a duality, just like he is. One side strictly ordered and lawful, the other a corrupt maze. We decided to dock in the chaotic part and immediately had to pay protection money.

I did some checking and only found out Vanthus had been in town some time ago.

So we headed over to the lawful side. There we found out he had been in the palace but had set sail. I tried to get some information from the dockmaster, and he agreed to tell us what he knew in exchange for a service. We had to take a box to the fortress, and someone had to take his shape using an artifact he owned. Martin agreed to this. Ofcourse we’d been had. Martin was stuck with that form and the demon had destroyed the artifact. But we managed to fix this.

By then a messenger arrived with an invitation from Demogorgon for a diner party at his palace. We agreed ofcourse. My mistress was there as well and I had a good time chatting with her.

In the end Demogorgon told us where vanthus had gone. He had taken lavinia to a prison of his. At the moment there was an uprising going on and he allowed us to go there if we agreed to settle the uprising. Since most of us don’t mind killing demons we agreed. I just wonder if we didn’t agree to something else as well?

Into the Maw

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