Khala, aspect of Demogorgon

We continued our investigation of these tunnels.
We had to fight some monstrosities in a flooded cave, but when our first combattant tried to charge in he fell down off a ledge and had to swim.

After this fight we noticed to tunnel cintinued on the other side, and I had to use my daily ability to change into a small viper to be able to swim over.

We reached a big door, and when we opened it an enormous mass of water came crashing into the tunnel.

Eventually we reached a room with a set of arches bridging an enormous chasm below. It turned out that the chasm trapped some kind of ooze. Since it was trped there we didn’t bother attacking it. On one side we found a burial place of heroes. I took one of their couatl feather cloacks, and the gold piled there.
Another bridge led to an exit. We saw a pyramid in the jungele and climbed it to investigate. On top there was a hole, covered up by a stone slab. After some timle I realised this must be the hole through which the artifact crashed into the ground below.

We went back in and investigated the last bridge. It led down to another level. Somehow we must have sprung a trap, as we were met by a giant boulderrolling through the tunel. I used a dimension door spell to teleport most of us behind it.

After some time we reached a huge chamber filled with lava, and some solid bridged crossing it. At some point a kopru grabbed me and tried to pull me into the lava. It took some coordination to traverse this room. We found a burial place of a hero. He was holding a sunblade, and for some reason some of us didn’t want to take it. It’s not like a corpse is in need of a magical sword.

Eventually we reached the room where Khala, the aspect of Demogorgon ruling this place was hiding with his six guards. He tried to intimidate us in leaving him alone; but that didn’t work the way he thought it would. This was quite a hard fight. It took a lot of work, but in the end we managed. For some reason Khala had a flesh golem standing in a corner but it never moved. I have no idea what it was there for.

Khala, aspect of Demogorgon

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