I tried to find out if there was anything mayor Meravanci wanted more then being mayor, to see if I could get him to withdraw. But apparently he only wants power. But he agreed it might be better to wait with elections until after the battle. I think it’s best not to divide the town before.
So I informed Lavinia and let her decide since it’s her wish to be mayor. This gives her time to let the people know her and make sure they remember.

I held a speech in the evening, trying to bolster spirits and rally the people to our cause. It went fairly well, but for some reason Isabella had to make a remark painting a very bleak picture of things to come. She tried to talk people into leaving. And my efforts went down the drain.

The next day we went to get the Wyvern back. After two days we found the eeels floating belly up in the water. They were killed by some animal but they were too badly mangled to see whet kind. A few hours later we found out when an enormous sea snake attacked. It went straight for me and grabbed me. When those fangs pierced my boddy it hurt like nothing I’ve felt before, but I must have lost consciousness. The next thing I remember is lying on the deck with no sign of the snake and Martin peeling some items off a half-digested corpse.

After this Martin decided to get on shore to go look for the T-Rex and train it. He was going to make his way to Farshore on foot again.

I dropped off near the wall and went to have a talk with the Olman tribes. I informed them of our needs and they agreed to help us if their god Zothzilla allowed it. I witnessed their ritual to summon it and it was very intense. The bat appeared in an explosion of fire. It said something about returning some stolen property, and I remembered finding a little stattue of a bat in an Olman ruin at the start of our voyage.

So I headed back to Farshore to go get the others, and the stattue ofcourse. We headed towards some volcanoes and a cave that was supposed to be Zothzilla’s place. And for sure he appeared once we got inside. I put the stattue on an altar and he then rewarded us for our deed. We were allowed to take one item each from a hoard. I went in first and took my time to identify some things. One item that got my interrest was a mysterious magical tooth of some kind. i asked Zothzilla what it was but he didn’t see anything. So I just ook that, and an amulet of natural armor. (since he didn’t see the other thing anyways).
When I got out I had an unresistable urge to pull out one of my teeth and shove in this magical thing. Very unsettling.

Next we went to get some tar from tarpits. We grabbed the Wyvern and set sail to the main island. I had been informed by the Olman that the area had been claimed by an old and very nasty T-Rex. Once we got there we witnessed a battle between the animal and a horde of small ape-like humanoids. We assisted them killing the beast and they were very grateful. They promissed us an army when the time was there.

They also asked us to return a magical sword to it’s owner who had gone to some Olman ruins a long time ago. I got curious again and we went to investigate. It was a ziggurat. On top there was a magical golden contraption displaying a story about catlike people, and an entrance to a room below. There was a large collection of golden statuettes, and when Bullet tried to steal once a Couatl was summoned. I managed to convince it we were not there to just rob the place but to investigate and look for help. When I told it the whole story as I know it, it was convinced of my honesty, and gave us the things it was et to guard: a whole armory full of good weapons and armor. It also gave some of us a feather which we can use to summon it.

What have we got now:

  • help from the Olman
  • help from a lizardfolk tribe (Martin’s done this)
  • cannons from the ship Bullet blew up (he had Isabella summon som skelletons to do this)
  • help from the small people
  • a huge supply of weapons
  • Kaiya and Martin are training militia
  • two ships
  • the alchemist is making some oily substance to burn the bay

Some ideas:

  • maybe go and try to get the help from the spider woman?
  • hopefully the druids get lucky with animals?


Skull and Shackles DirkVanleeuw