Nothing’s ever easy!

After all that mess in Taldor, I finally managed to make my way all across the continent to Port Perill. I worked on various merchant vessels and finally managed to make port with a tiny bit of money to call my own.

I was in a good mood, even gave a few copper away to a woman begging in the streets. She said Besmara’d smiled on me of all things! I should’ve ran then and there!

But no, I went to a bar, filled all up with the worst kind of scum, to celebrate my good fortune. And here I am, press-ganged for my trouble to serve on a pirate vessel.

There were six of us thrown together in the hold when they came to collect us. They needed a rigger, and tested us to see if we could manage. Well, I know that job and wasn’t going to loose. One other was sent to the galleys as a cook’s mate, and the rest were to be swabs.

During the night I woke up and noticed a girl handing some stuff to two of us. The next day I went to talk to her. She said she’s a cleric, and knows what it’s like to have nothing and managed to get the quartermaster to hand some things over.

I decided to try my luck at that as well. Actually I tried my charm on her a few nights in a row. But apart from getting my head smashed into a counter I didn’t have any luck.

But by that time I no longer needed my stuff. We’d knocked out a welcoming comittee, and I’d stashed away a sap from them. And I’d been given a cutlass by Elizabeth.

We’ve managed to get us a group of friends, much to the chagrin of Plug, the deck officer in charge of the riggers. He’s giving us the nasty jobs all the time. We’ve even been talking about mutiny.

Last night we managed to capture us a merchant vessel. Our group was charged with securing the helm and holding it. We managed, even though Elisa, our cleric, didn’t get toe et foot on deck before all was over. We’ve been ode red to man the ship to sail back to Port Perill under Plug to sell the loot.


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