We set sail upriver for the consortium outpost. Well, not that we had sails with that strange contraption. But it needs to be said, it did work.

On route we had an encounter with small creatures that tried to enter the boat. But we won that easily. Later we reached the waystation where the captain wanted to take in some ‘fuel’, and that’s needed to make this boat work. But the outpost was deserted, overrun by hostile elves it turned out. We had a serious fight in the outpost.

We had to go look for another source of that fuel. Apparently it are seedpods of a shambling mound. The captain took us to the place where they had captured a shambling mound before. It was a lizardfold sanctuary. I sneaked into the sanctuary proper where the shambling mound was just standing about, and a lizardfolk shaman was doing something shamans do. I snatched a pod and quaffed an invisibility potion before the mound or the shaman could react. And then the enraged mound started pummeling the shaman. I got away in the confusion.

Next stop was supposed to be the outpost, but on the way elves had blocked the river. We went ashore and kicked some sense in them. And afterwards we cleared the river and pushed on. After nearly three weeks, we reached the outpost.

Well short story: those fucks tried to poison us to start us working in the mine as zombies. Thankfully our cleric is paranoid to cleanse our food beforer we eat it. So we survived. I guess when they’re trying to poison you, you can’t call her paranoid, can you?

Later we found out the elves were enraged because the consortium uses them for slaves and zombies. We let them attack the compound and we decided to loot the place in the confusion. And then we hightailed it out of there.

Back in Bloodcove we discovered the consortium wasn’t about to pay us, and all the pieces fell into place. but the replacing governor had the grace not to anger us any further and gave us money. Then we tried to find passage to Rickety Squibs to fetch our ship.

We found a captain that needed to get there and wasn’t friends with Harrigan. His condition was we get him a noble girl to tag along and christen his ship. His new ship that is.

Well, luckily Cupcake was on friendly terms with one of ,those. So him and me went to fetch here, and were just in time to save her from marriage to a Chelish noble. We had to do it by knocking some heads together, and it ended with us being chased in a carriage. But it worked out, and she agreed to do it.

So next stop was Rickety Squibs. on route we found most of the crew we left behind marooned on a small island.
And in Rickety Squibs we took a sloop from consortium hands and traded that for the Swan, and set the guys there working on our modifications.

We had some fun there. The first night I went on a drinking binge.
Cupcake decided he wants a piece of naga ass. No idea how that’s going to work; and I don’t really know how we got a naga in our crew now. But more importantly, he’s lost all interrest in Maria (the noble girl turned pirate) and Sandara.

Well, after a few weeks of this life, I’m happy to be on the high seas again. For now we’re going to stick to this region, not to get in touch with the free captains too much before we’ve all learned the ropes. We captured a fisher as our first prize.

I hinted returning to the sunken ship, and the captain agreed. So that’s to be our next stop.


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