Master Plug decided that as captain he would be even more cruel then before. Lashes with the whip were to be abandoned; instead now there would be only the cat.

The first evening, when Elizabeth tried singing to alleviate some of the fatigue, Scourge came in and demanded it stopped and handed out punishment. Avin and Elisa both maintained they were the one singing, and took the lashes.

Wayne found out Plug and his friends were planning to take the ship as theirs and kill the rest of us when we were in sight of the harbor they intend to go instead of Port Perill. Now that we know, we intend to beat them to it.

After a few days we hit a storm. This threw us on a reef and we started making water. While we were trying to save the ship, some grindilo attacked. in the aftermath we saw Sandara and one other had been taken. I proposed to Plug to try and find them, since we were short on hands now. he agreed and ordered us to bring water. We got 48 hours.

We found out we were on an island with signs of previous occupation. There was an abandoned village, obviously raided by grindilo, a cornfield and a stockade on a hill. We first headed towards the cornfield, thinking maybe that’s where the prisoners would be working, but it had gone wild. And some dangerous beasts were living there.

Next was the stockades. This had been taken over by a ghost and some plant creatures. This was quite the fight. But the ghost had a spyglass mocked onto the grindilo’s cove, so we now knew where to head.

There were a gazilion of these creatures in there. We were running short on time, and so our spell casters couldn’t rest and regain spells. This almost went wrong when we reached a cave with a huge grindilo and a big female. My lights went out, but apparently the rest managed. Apparently Besmara did look out for us.

We recovered the prisoners, and we hid our fat loot in a water barrel.


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