The first rays of the sun were barely coming over the horizon to illuminate the small town of Farshore or for the second day in a row the alarms were sounded. But this time not for the beautiful sails of the Argent Dawn, but for the darker sails of multiple ships bearing the banner of the Hellknights. Some of the ships stayed out of the bay, while two of them sailed to the harbor and docked. Yanika’s eyes followed the men stepping onto the docks from the ship, eyeing them suspiciously, having no love for the hellknights. She spared a glance to her sister, standing at her side. Khiria seemed to be watching the small gathering of people intently, despite her eyes still being covered by the blindfold.

“what do you think sister?”

Khiria turned her head and smiled at the question.

“they are hellknights, I might not agree with some of their methods, but they will grant this little town some measure of security. I doubt the leader of the temple of Asmodeus is going to be happy about them being here though…

She turned her face towards the small group again before sighing softly.

“we should get ready to leave for the plateau”

“I’m not happy that we’re taking along these strangers, they will only get in the way, and i doubt they can be trusted.”

Khiria turned and started walking back to the Argent Dawn, only pausing for a moment to let her sister catch up and walk at her side.

“I do not trust them either. But they might prove to be useful, even if some of them have strayed far from the path”

The rest of the walk was done in silence, and after gathering their things both sisters headed for the Wyvern to meet with their new companions. The trip itself proved to be rather uneventful, and it seemed as if there was tension in the group. Of the other people there only the ranger bothered to be friendly enough to come introduce himself. The barbarian did come to mention that she could only be healed by negative energy, which got a frown from Khiria, but at least she was smart enough to say it in advance, even if she failed to mention her name. Ilona, the last new member of the group stayed far away from the two sisters, afraid and uncomfortable most likely by Khiria’s radiance.


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