The arrival

Waves crashed against the hull of the Argent Dawn as the it slid closer towards the pier. Yanika looked up from the water towards the small delegation of people that had gathered there, watching the ship and waiting for them to dock. She glanced over her shoulder but already knew her sister hadn’t come onto the deck yet, but she would soon. The half dragon and his wife, who had journeyed along with them, were standign a bit further, watching the pier.

“seems like they brought out a welcoming party”

She almost jumped at the voice of her sister at her side, not having heared her approach, and looked at her with a smile. Khiria was at her best, her fine robes perfectly fitting her slender frame, shoulder length hair framing the angelic face. Despite the blindfold covering her eyes she seemed to be looking straight for the people gathered on the pier.

When the ship had finally docked Khiria was the first down the plank, despite Yanika’s protest. She walked to the assembled group, stopping only a few yards away. A woman came forward to greet her, introducing herself as Lavinia, the mayor of the town. They exchanged greetings, after which Khiria told them why they had come all this way. To look for a missing cleric of Sarenrae named Voltus, to see what had happened to him. An Olman warrior told her that he had information about the cleric, which he had wanted to give to the only cleric in town, but as Khiria was a follower of Sarenrae, it would probably concern her aswell. He told them that Voltus had gone to the plateau in the believe that there were still people up there who could be saved from the demonic influence, but in order to do so he needed an artifact he had given to the cleric in farshore a long time ago, thinking it had not ben something important. The cleric remembered where he put it and brought it to the meeting. The artifact in question is a small disc with three of the ancient gods on it, representing the sun, the moon and the stars, circling a bow they had crafted themselves. Khiria took the amulet and decided to go out to the plateau the next morning, together with Yanika.

The arrival

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