The Battle for Farshore

I decided to try and get a hold of the aanea woman we met before. Isabella, Martin and Kaiya went along. I’m not about to go anywhere without that woman and her enormous sword. Not after our encounter with the serpent.

The woman was not going to join the fighting. She said she was too old. So I asked her for information about the island. There are some interresting things.

  • There is an aranea community living in a cave system a day’s walk from her place. They’re weary of humans
  • There’s a gargantuan green dragon living in a swamp to the north.
  • There’s a turtle dragon living in a bay to the north
  • There’s a citadel where according to Olman legend some of their gods are sleeping in the mountains to the northwest.

We decided to go talk to the aranea. They were no exactly hostile, but they didn’t trust us. But they agreed to send warriors if all humans agreed to drink a potion that would make it impossible to ever detect shapeshifters again. We agreed to it. After all, if necessary we can always break the enchantment.

After that we headed to the swamp to talk to the dragon. It took some time, but we found a drier area that could hold the entrance to his lair. I used ghostsound to project my voice to the area and asked him to come out and talk. He agreed to come wreck pirate ships in exchange for the village to set aside a cattle herd regularly for him to feed on.

I said it might be best not to enlist the turtle dragon now, since we didn’t know how those two would react to oneanother. The rest however wanted to enlist him as well. So we headed towards the bay. He agreed to ome if he could have all the wrecks for his hoard.

And then we decided to check out the citadel of the sleeping gods. It’s just my curiosity that sent me there. i didn’t want to antagonise the Olman tribes. But a mystery like that was too much to pass!

The citadel is a building of gold and silver on top of a flat mountaintop. We could reach it by a staircase leading from the water to the top.

Past the main gate there were 9 circular gates, 1 water fountain and 1 blood fountain. All were magical. And the main building contained some huge goldan pilars; all magical. We experimented with the gates and discovered that drinking from one of the fountains and then walking through a gate took us to another plane. The water led to the higher planes, the blood to the lower planes. I ended up on the slopes of mount celestia with Isabella and Kaiya. Immediately some angels came to us and they wanted to kill Kaiya. She solved it by drinking some poison; and Isabella brought her back later.

We never touched the pilars containing the sleeping gods. I didn’t dare risk it.

We also went to an island where the scarlet brotherhood had a camp. They’re a smuggling ring related to the crimson pirates. It seems they were led by a yuanti sorceress. We had quite a fight dealing with her and her pet devil. The fact that she had a devil with her proves they’re no demon worshippers. So we took a number of them alive. i’m not going to ask isabella what she intends with them since I probably won’t like the answer.

Eventually our lookouts reported a huge fleet on the horison. So we headed to Lavinia’s place for a last minute council. One of the Jade Ravens took me to the side and asked me to talk some sense into lavinia. She intended to fight in the front. I asked her to stay in the council room and direct things as a general should do. She agreed luckily.

I too a position in the harbor to bolster morale. And from that point on it all is a bit blurry.

I remember the turtle dragon diving up and asking if it was time. He took off then, and I remember the green dragon flying over. When he noticed the turtle dragon, they started fighting!! That’s what I was affraid of.

At some point there were a couple of flesh golems in the harbor and the Jade Ravens joined that fight.

I also remember helping to dispatch the zombies in the village graveyard.

And Kaiya and me had to fight some demons.

Near the end we all ran to Lavinia’s aid when Vantus headed there. He was changed into some demon-like being. At ast we managed to finally kill him.

We lost 29 villagers and one of the Jade Ravens. They payed to resurrect him. The villagers and Vantus were buried. Vantus received a grave only marked by a wooden stake bearing the family crest. It’s the only concession Lavinia was willing to make to him being related.

The Battle for Farshore

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