The Crimson Pirate Fleet

After spending a nice evening at Tyralandi’s place we headed back to our hideout.
The plan was to get a few hours of sleep and then go and raid the yuanti guildhouse for the information we needed.

But things were not as we left them. It appeared our pirate contact was lying crumpled on the ground and when we moved to check on her we were ambushed by yuanti. The fight became tricky when one of our attackers began using a darkness spell and dominating partymembers. It took some doing but we were victorious.

And then a weird discussion broke out over wether or not the pirate girl was who she said she was. Martin was certain it was a fiend posing as a human. I tend to trust his judgement in this, but knowing the rest they don’t. Sure enough it devolved into a pointless discussion. Eventually Khiria resorted to using a horrible noise spell to try and banish her if she were a fiend. The only thing it did however was give me a splitting headache. I have a few spells like that, and I vow if she keeps this up I’m going to start using them as well. Let’s see how much she likes puking from a headache.

Anyway, we immediately set out for the yuanti place. On our way there we stopped at a shop to order a few magical items made. However we were ambushed again. Khiria used her noise thing again! Next time there’s a big group of enemies I’m going to use my version.

The yuanti place was an abandoned house. On the top floor we found a room with slaves which we freed, and some sleeping yuanti which we killed. The basement looked empty, but we discovered a secret room, a shrine of Demogorgon. There was a yuanti inside who was preparing to ritually sacrifice himself. I figured that killing him inside the shrine would be a bad thing, but Kaiya only thinks when she isn’t holding her sword and split him in half. Luckily Khiria managed to repair him with her magic. I really don’t want to know what the ritual would have done.

We managed to get the location of the crimson pirate headquarters and used Khiria’s windwalking magic to go there. I charmed one of the guards and he told me they’d had a mutiny earlier. Most of the fleet had fled. Captain Wyther was on his flagship. So we tried to sneak on board, but were seen. We fled but an alarm was raised. Captain Wyther challenged us to a fight, and we agreed. This was quite a heavy fight. Kaiya was killed and Martin went down but wasn’t dead.

We found a captive yuanti broodmother and freed her. She wanted a safe spot to start over and rebuild her people. She promissed us we would always remain friends of the yuanti. We took her with us to the Isle of Dread. We also found a pearl we could use to sail a ship to Gaping Maw.

Now we’ll have to resurrect Kaiya.

The Crimson Pirate Fleet

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