The Demons

The wood of the floorboards squeecked with every step as Yanika paced from one end of the cabin to the other and then back. She had been going on like this for a while now before she finally turned towards the blindfolded girl sitting crosslegged on her bed. Before she could say a word, khiria looked up from her meditation and smiled at her sister. That simple act unsettled Yanika more then the silence had so she sighed and sat down next to her.

“do you think this trip went well?”

Khiria remained silent for a moment longer and then nodded, slowly.

“I think it went well for the most part, but I doubt that is the question you wanted to ask me”

Yanika sighed again adn resisted the urge to stand up and start pacing across the cabin again. Instead she pulled up her legs and leant against the wall.

“we need to discuss our companions”

“ah i see, I knew you were going to bring this up sooner or later….”

Khiria smiled and stood up, crossing the cabin to a pitcher of water standing on her desk and filled two cups with the clear liquid inside, then handed one of the cups to Yanika.

“we need them Yanika, at least we needed them. I know what you think of them and I trust your wisdom and observations on these matters, but we had little choice. We needed help in locating Voltus on that plateau. And i’m the first to admit that not everything went as it should have. This party clearly lacks leadership and support, it is little else then a bunch of individualists thrown together who think of little else besides themselves. But even those people have their uses.”

She paused for a moment to take a sip from her cup and then continued while Yanika sat, quietly listening

“Martin is supposed to be a paladin of his order, but he is too volatile for that, he doesn’t think things through and just acts, even if those acts bring about danger for those around him, or complicate matters…that was clearly shown when he attacked those two demons on his own. If i had not bought those pearls then we would have burried him right there and then. Of course this led to a fortunate event when those demons walked into the camp disguised as Voltus and his followers. It might not have been so easy to find clues otherwise.

Ilona in my opinion is worse though. She seems to know a lot and knows how to use that body of hers to get what she wants, but her motives are at odds with the others, and she sometimes doesn’t seem to think at all. I hope she has learned a lesson from triggering that ward, though I doubt it. Her powers will come in handy of course, but she cannot be trusted and I’m afraid she cannot be guided either.

Kaiya….I don’t know. She does not say enough to give a clear opinion on her, and she does what is expected of her, though I fear her darker side has yet to show in full. Maybe she will learn from her death too, though I think her kind seldomly fears death."

Yanika smiled as her sister talked. She had made herself comfortable against the wall and was taking sips from her drink as she watched the divine beauty in front of her. Not everything had gone as intended of course, but the group had managed to find the entrance to the temple, and managed to get into it, using the disk, and they had worked together. Maybe not all had been in vain

The Demons

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