The farm

During the night there was a big uproar. It turns out the Lotus Dragon guild has burnt 3 warships to the waterline and in fact claimed the city as its own.

The next morning I went to see Isabella to decide what we’re going to do next: investigate the farm Vanthus was sent to, or go investigate the smuggler hold on Parrot Island. We decided to go to the farm. The rest came as well, including a new guy; a mage.

The farm is 2 days from the city. We decided to go and try to get a riverboat. But none were leaving since the people working the logging camp were more or less revolting. Someone is hindring their work. I talked to the guy in charge, and he agreed to lend me a boat if I took a message to the fort in the area.

We docked halfway for the night, and next morning all our provisions were gone. So Marek went to hunt. When he came back a bat was following him. An intelligent bat. Isabella said it was a demon so Kaiya grabbed it. I don’t know why she didn’t knock it out or something. In any case the next thing I know I’m running for my life. Even knowing these kinds of things it’s bad being on the receiving end.

We managed to put it in a cage and interrogate it. It said it came through a gate at the farm we’re going to. When we got there we noticed another boat that docked recently. And a few minutes later we’re jumped by a guy wearing the symbol of some secretive society from Sasserine. It almost came to blows. According to him he’s there to investigate the things happening at the farm as well.

In the farm we had to dispatch some demons. We found a Book of Infinite Spells of all things!! And we had to fight some monstrosity that used to be human (i think), growing into a smaller version of Demogorgon. that took some effort to kill. When that was gone we discovered a sanctum where the gate was. I had to use one of my abilities to keep some of us from running away from an illusion. We destroyed the gate and too along a diary.

Afterwards we went to deliver the message. The Jade Ravens were in the fort as well. Their rogue tried to impress me with his juggling skills. He’s quite good really. But still, showing off his knife skills is no way to get in my pants. In turn I showed him my dancing skills, and I have to say he was quite fascinated. Marek came to watch as well, and he was impressed too.

By the time we got back to Sasserine Isabella had figured out by reading the diary that the Book of Infinite Spells was cursed with a chance to summon an Aspect of Demogorgon! So she took it to the temple of Pharasma for safekeeping.

The farm

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