The Isle of Dread

The thing we were stuck on was a Sargossa, but not a natural one since it was huge. We made it back to our ship before night set in. The moment the last light disappeared mist rose up and shapes began moving; and all the time we heard whispers. ‘Outsiders’

Martin began shooting firy arrows to see what was out there. The light drove away the moving shapes. Seems it doesn’t like light, whatever it is. This way we managed to keep them off for quite some time. But at some point one of the fires went out and immediately some plantlike beings, man shaped, rushed to the ship and we had a fight on our hands. It took some doing but we managed to fight them off. Afterwards Martin managed to keep the fires up and we made it through the night.

In the morning I proposed to head towards the center of the Sargossa. I reasoned as it was unnatural and mostly circular, whatever was causing this had to be in the center.

On the way we noticed many shipwrecks A lot were said to have been sunk by a ghostship. I guess gossip was a bit off. One such wreck was a pirate vessel. I remember talk of it having looted a temple of Gozreh just before it’s disappearance and we decided to check it. It was empty inside except for the camptin’s cabin which looked quite intact. Kayia climbed up there and was immediately attacked by the captain’s ghost. We had quite a fight before we managed to dispatch this spirit.

The ghost was indeed guarding a beautiful statuette. I detected it was magical and seemed to be watching me. I didn’t take the time to study it thoroughly though as time was pressing.

We had to camp in one of the wrecks for the night and used up all our materials to make fire fight off the monsters. So I hoped fervently we could end this nightmare before another sunset.

In the center we found an old ship. The one that was rumoured to be a ghostship. It was somhow transformed to look more like a castle, all covered in kelp. Inside we fought some more of these monsters before we reached thing causing all of that. It was something of a queen leading a hive. We tried talking to it and it promissed to let us leave. But some more prying from my part revealed the hive uses humans for food. So we ended up fighting it. Once this thing was gone the sargossa began to disintegrate and we had to hurry to find us something to hold onto in the water. A few hours later the Sea Wyvern found us and we were taken aboard. They had had a rough night and a few sailors had been killed.

We had ourselves a party; and Avner showed some interrest in me again. So I ended up having a good time all night long.

The next day we continued our journey. Not much happened the next days and I spent a lot of time with Lirith. I’m starting to like this girl a lot, she seems to show the right amount of spirit to make it in this world and she’s a real rebel.

By that time we were almost three months at see and we were getting anxjious to get to the island. And then one day the lookout called land ahead. Everybody got excited until Bullet noticed we were on the wrong side of it and it was going to take us a couple mored days to get to Farshore.

The a storm set in quite suddenly. It happened so fast it had to be a supernatural phenomenon. Bullet said he wasn’t sure we were going to make it in one piece so i decided to try and use the magical statuette hoping it would help us. It summoned a djinn who granted me a wish. I tried wishing the storm gone and it said it couldn’t do that. Whatever conjured the storm was too strong. So i got a raincheck.

And then Dagon rose up from the deep, calling us foolish mortals and threatening to crush us like bugs. Since he didn’t do that, I tried asking if he had to deliver a message. It seems Demagorgon wanted to give us one more chance to turn a round and forget about the prophecy. So we told him no and he started sinking back into the waters.

Bullet decided that was a good time to fire one of his canons as a parting gift. I don’t know what gave him the idea. Perhaps not enough sex made him want to shoot any kind of load or something. Anyways, Dagon snapped our masts in return. Since I didn’t want to swim I decided to call on my wish to have the djinn repair it and give it some upgrades.

A few hours later we ran aground on some reefs. Martin called out this kind of reef is infested with huge eels that sink ships in their territory. We had to act fast and decided to abandon the ship and come back for it later. Bullet decided he wanted to go down with his ship, so we knocked him out and carried him off.

We decided to follow the beach to the other side of the island. To me that seemed a better idea then braving the jungle.

Martin did some hunting and brought back a baby dinosaur and an egg. For some reason he didn’t think most babies have parents. One would think most people would know about that kind of stuff. So a few minutes later we had an enormous amount of meat. We had ourselves a good meal, and then had to run before an enormous meat eating dino reached our campsite.

The Isle of Dread

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