The Journey

I didn’t write much on the Journey to the colony, but now that we’re stranded on the wrong side of the island I might aswel fill in on the past months onboard of the Sea Wyvern.

A lot has happened. For starters we picked up a few strange companions along the way. A lizardfolk who came to trade with us was hired into the crew by Bullet. A Dryad we rescued from a town along the way has taken up residence in one of the cabins, and she’s been spending a lot of time with the lizardfolk, as they’re both very rurally inclined. And last nothing less then a djinn.

The dryad was found by me and Kaiya when strolling through the town, and she told us how many fey lived in this region before being chased away by the humans who had taken up residence here. Since she couldn’t leave her tree, we decided to check if her kind were still around…and alive. The only ones we found were some evil redcap, which we killed and laid to rest with the others of the fey who had died over the years. With none of her kind remaining, we convinced the dryad to come along with us to a new home.

Then again weeks of boredom, with everyone picking on Avner, though I decided to treat him with kindness and spend more time with him. At least that gets him off everyone elses backs. It seems to work too, though it seems Bullet and in a smaller measure Ilona are hellbent on causing him trouble. The only interesting happening during those weeks was trying to evade pirates and checking out some ancient ruins along the way. The ruins proved to be quite interesting, as it contained a calendar referring to the prophecy we’re all involved in. We also found a key there, in the form of a statue, though we have no idea at the moment where it fits. After evading the pirates we lost track of the other ship so Bullet decided to simply head for the isle of dread instead of wasting time searching for Lavinia’s ship. And that’s when we ended up stranded on a Sargasso…a very very big one.

The first night there we were attacked by some strange plantlike creatures, but we beat them off, and managed to keep them away the next night by setting fires around the ship. But with no way of the sargasso or to get our ship free, we had to find another solution; finding the cause of this huge Sargasso. So were travelled to the center of it and there we found a mythical ghostship. Entering it, we were immediately attacked by a great many of the plantcreatures but we managed to beat them off easier then before. When we got to the hold of the ship we found the cause of this strange phenomenon, a single creature, immobile, casting off seedlings. We talked to it first to see if we could get it to release us, as it seemed to be obviously afraid. But as it seems to feed on human prey we attacked a killed it, killing the sargasso with it. We drifted around on a rowboat for a few hours before the Sea Wyrvern found us and picked us up.

After that the journey was uneventful, until we arrived at the Isle of Dread, on the wrong side. While traying to travel around we were caught in a fierce storm, and as it seemed unlikely to get out of it without serious damage to the ship, Ilona activated a statue we had found, summoning a djinn. A wish granting one. We asked her to subdue the storm but she said she couldn’t, because some greater power was interferring. So we rode out the storm and with my help, Bullet got us through in one piece, more or less. But that was not the end of it. Dagon the ruler of the abyssal sea showed up in person to give us a warning, and as a parting gift destroyed our masts. So i suggested we use the wish of the djinn to restore the ship. This used up the last wish the djinn could ever grant, and with nowhere else to go, she decided to stay with the ship. But the end of our misfortune wasn’t there yet, for within a few hours we hit a moving reef and the Sea Wyvern got stuck. Worse, the reef is inhabitat by big dangerous eels, so we had to abandon the ship, for now, much to the disapproval of Bullet.

So now we’re stuck on the wrong side of the island, without a ship, and a mix of people who don’t belong in a jungle.

The Journey

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