The journey continues

A lot of things have happened again.

We reached ruined city the gnomish loremaster wanted to visit. And I must admit I was curious about them too. He had found a map indicating a supposedly unlooted portion of the city. And it was guarded by a basilisk. I used Ghost Sound in the entrance of a tunnel I thought the beast was hiding in. It had the intended effect of luring it, but unfortunately it was hiding in the bushes nearby. Luckily noone was hurt. We crawled and fought our way through this dungeon. Not much to say here really; except for the following. We discovered a callendar which started thousands of years ago, and it ends in a few months. My birthday, and the birthdays of the entire group are marked with symbols representing Demogorgon. Apparently this is linked to the prophecy. But now it seems we have a timeframe.

Also we found a locked tomb. When Bullet was peering inside I decided to pull a prank on him and used Ghost Sound to have the corpse appear to say ‘Who disturbs my slumber??’ He jumped so high I couldn’t controll myself and burst into laughter. He didn’t look too ammused.

I also found a golden statuette, magical, of the ancient god Kamazoth that is a key of sorts. I didn’t find a lock for it though. The gnome mentioned there are ruins on the Isle of Dread too, so maybe we’ll find something.

We traded with some lizard folk, and I convinced one of them to come along. His special set of skills and knowledges may come in handy. Bullet hired him into his crew.

We reached the pirate blockade and decided to split up and meet at some coördinates. We noticed a pirate vessel closing in on the Blue Nixies position and lured it off. We all got through unharmed.

We had a nice picknick and swim at a georgeous lagoon. Our afternoon was interrupted though when an aquatic hydra came to check what we were up to. Martin convinced it to remain quiet, but Lavinia seemed upset and went back to the ship. So that was it.

We reached the grounds of some tribal people. Lavinia decided to trade there and all went well until our noble Avner caused trouble when he tried to buy a local girl. It took quite some negotiating to have the locals agree to trade some more after that. I took the time to try and get to know Lilith some more. Bullet seems to have lost his interrest in her. She does know how to behave in higher circles, and she seems to be rebelling. I wonder if she might be interrested in learning the fine arts of dance and seduction.

Next we got stuck on a Sargasso, an enormous patch of seaweeds. there are numerous ships trapped there, and open water is miles away. It seems we’ll have to find a way to free our ship. I proposed to try and find the middle of the patch. We investigated the wreck closest to our ship, and the ship’s log mentions monsters living on the patch. That’s just great.

The journey continues

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