The Long Road

Coming out of the tunnel Martin decided to make our camp on the path following the cliffs instead of on the beach. At first I thought it strange but said nothing. He’s the survival specialist after all. During the night the beach got swept by the rising tide. I guess that’s why we didn’t camp there…

We followed the path south a few days and dicovered a number of very small villages at the waterline. We could reach those by stairs cut in the cliff face. They were all abandoned. We camped in one for the night. Twice during the night a shadow following Isabella reported some thing flying over. The second time it covered our hut in magical darkness.

After a few days we reached a point where the trail was cut and we needed to go down to the beach. There was a bigger village, also abandoned. And they had a strange contraption with a rising platform to go up to the trail on the other side. Martin and Kaiya used the thing to go up, but when they were almost at the top the thing broke down. Martin came plunging down into the surf, and Kaiya managed to climb up. Luckily noone was hurt. But this meant we had to climb up the cliffside.

A few days later we came to a spot where a tunnel had caved in. There were three bodies lying there. While we were investigating I noticed movement above us, in time to see some gargoyled diving down on us. They were quicly dispatched. in their lair we found a magical cloack.

We continued on, and the next day we were greeted by 5 gargoyles, one wearing a strange magical crown. That one talked to us, saying we were trespassing on his land and had to leave, and we had brought an ancient evil to his land. I tried to charm them all so we could have a talk, and managed to captivate the king and three of his followers. this would have been enough since the king was my primary target. but before the effect could land which would have made them all my thralls for a long time, Isabella’s shadows started a fight, so my charm was broken. I wonder what’s the point? It’s not like the last remaining gargoyle was going to do much once his king was mine!

So we continued on without knowing what that ancient evil should be. We found another tunnel we had to go through. There was strange fog hanging inside. On the other side we entered a swamp area. After some hours we noticed time was weird there as it didn’t get dark! And as the area was strangely warped, and creatures tooI feared we had somehow entered Demogorgon’s domain through a breach between the planes.

We found ruins and camped there. Near morning we were attacked by demons, the type that kidnaps people. After the battle we noticed our gnome passenger was missing. I discovered traces of a teleport spell, and the ranger had an illusion spell on him. Martin immediately attacked and was teleported away for his trouble at which point the demon surrendered. She told us we were in the realm of a former luitenant of Demogorgon who was banished from that realm. So we’re not in Demogorgon’s realm, which is good. She took us to other ruins. A temple cut in rock.

After some searching and fighting we discovered a room with a number of artifacts: an altar, two thrones, two candles and two black mirrors. With some painful experimenting I discovered we had to light a candle, sit in a throne and tough a mirror in a certain order. But in the process Bullet was killed and transformed into a shadow. Elisabeth managed to make him a deal with Charon: he comes back until we’re done with the prophecy, but then he’s his.

The mirrors became black vortices. We stepped through and found some more halls and corridors. Martin was hiding in a closet there and told me a strange tale of meeting Malcanthet there. He even had a contract with Asmodeus signed by her to prove it. i wonder what he’s met down there.

The Long Road

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