The Missing Brother

After diner, everyone went his or her separate way to find out where Vanthus, Lavinia’s brother, was currently living or hiding. I went to the Sunrise district to find some druids because now I had chosen to put my newly found powers to use, I needed to understand them. The elves were surprised to see that I had druidic powers without revering nature, but offered me to help out. I could even take lessons in language, nature knowledge, and so on… After that, I went to Lavinia and explained that I was a druid and able to help her out from now on. I effectively became hired by her. This talk started somewhat difficult because of Martin who demanded he would stay with her for protection. I got a bit angry with him, because he did not seem to care Lavinia and I are almost family.

As I went back to the druids, I saw a guy waving at me from a distance. As I walked over to him, he went into an alley and was gone before I could enter the street myself. I did see a note stuck against the wall with a dagger. The note warned against questioning the Lotus Dragons’s where-abouts for dangers against my life. As I was familiar with the name, I searched for the others and found Ilona and the rest questioning a guy in the Merchant District. He had been charmed, I think, because he was very helpful to Ilona. Apparently, he told us, Vanthus knew of our plans and had laid a trap for us on Parrot Island, and island near the coast and the Azure District, where parrot screams could be heard all through the day. We went to a bar with the guy and Ilona bought me a drink. After that, the charmed beggar became very cross with me, so I went home. I guess he saw me as a threat to Ilona’s attention.

The next morning we couldn’t decide whether we would investigate the Lotus Dragons more or just go to the Parrot Island. In the end, we chose the latter. Once again, we took a ship to the island, which was located near the Azure District’s shore. On the way to the ship we noticed we were blatantly followed by people armed with crossbows, Lotus Dragons no doubt… This stopped once we boarded the ship. I think this made people a little irritable because everyone was a bit silent. I asked Isabella how she had known Vanthus, and if it was true that he once was a decent guy. She said it was so, but she was a little vague on the specifics of their relationship, if any… The others remained silent until suddenly Ilona burst out in anger at Martin. I do not know what he had said but it had to have been something about her good looks and her ability to sway men with a mere glance. Maybe that’s just the way he can show her how much he likes her? Hopefully he likes her better that he does Lavinia.

We arrived on the island where we went to the tunnel entrance the charmed beggar had told us of, and entered a shaft, about 30 feet into the ground. But when we all entered, the cord behind us was snapped. Vanthus stood above us, smiling a wicked grin. But before he said much, we heard a familiar voice from above. It was Bullet, who had not entered the tunnel. I think the guy can fly or something, because I am pretty alert in these circumstances, but even I had not noticed him gone. He had Vanthus at gunpoint and Martin started shooting his bow at Vanthus, accompanied by a dagger by Kaya. The arrow hit, but even then, Vanthus just smiled at us. I think that Martin should have waited to attack, and so should Kaya have. There was no real danger at that point, and Bullet was holding Vanthus at gunpoint. After all, we had only come here to talk…

I climbed up and demanded Vanthus to have a chat before just started to hit each other. As he did not know my abilities he saw me as no threat so he agreed, as long as the other remained in the pit. I tried to convince him to come back home for Lavinia’s sake, but he refused. He wanted nothing to do with her per sé, because she had inherited everything. Then Isabella climbed up and together we persuaded Vanthus to come willingly to Lavinia’s house, which was his in the past.

Back at the mansion, Vanthus and Lavinia had a chat. I decided not to eavesdrop, but Martin did. I did not object openly, because I am still learning the tricks of the adventuring and protecting trade, and he is a bit older and more experienced. But when Vanthus left, Lavinia told us what they had said anyway. She said that Vanthus only would come back if she would agree to work in some cult for a demon lord called Demogorgon. I had never heard that name, but recalled hearing Ilona saying something about it earlier – something about a tattoo of Vanthus. Lavinia had not agreed to that deal and worries now that Vanthus not only has made bad friends, but has struck a deal with a demon that will eventually be the end of him.

The Missing Brother

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