The Pirate Alphabet

The Pirate Alphabet

A: Ehhhhhhh?—“What’s that?”

B: Are—as in “Be ye ready to surrender?”

C: Si, si!—To a Spanish pirate, “Yes!”

E: Eeeeee!—“Maaaaaaaaybe . . . “

I: Aye—“Yes!”

L: ‘Ell—A destination, as in, “To L with you, matey!”

O: Oh!—“Oh!”

Q: Queue—A sailor’s pigtail, usually tarred.

R: Arrrrrr!—A general expression of glee.

T: Tea—A very inferior substitute for grog.

Y: Why?—To be said in a grumpy voice when the cap’n gives an order.

Z: Zee—To a French pirate, “the.”

The Pirate Alphabet

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