The Real Faces of Power

Our group decided to deal with the troublesome pirates who had taken over the city so we went to their hiding place and easily infiltrated it, but things turned out quite differently then we expected. One by one the members of the group started disappearing in bright flashes of light, and the same must have happened to me as one moment I was walkign through a hallway and the next i woke up on the shore of the abyssal sea. I walked along the coast till I reached a coastal village filled with demons, just in time to see the villag attacked by a ship made of bones. The attackers being followers of Charon. I watched as they freed all the enslaved souls and decided my best course of action would be to let my presence be known. So I approached one of them and he led me on board where I met with Charon himself. He told me about a prophecy and the role our group was to play in it, and that he had chosen me as his agent. It certainly explains a lot of things. I agreed to be his servant and the ship dropped me off at the harbor of Sasserine.

I met with the group and had to explain a few things, though I’m not willing to say too much since none of them seems to want to trade information either. We didn’t have much time to discus this either way as we had to head for Kraken’s Cove to stop Vanthus from getting his hands on a powerful magical item. So we sailed to the pirate hideout and attacked it. There wasn’t much left though, when we arrived their ships were already burning and all the pirates, save for one of the captains, had been turned into mindless monsters by some horrible disease. Later this proved to have been caused by the item Vanthus had wanted.

We then returned to the city just in time to stop Lavinia and the Jade ravens from being killed by some bullywugs.

A few days later Lavinia informed us she was going to sail to the colony founded by her parents, and she wanted us to sail along with our new ship. So we took on goods and some passangers, most them not interesting enough to warrant my attention. Save for a noble who has been causing trouble since he came on board. Though I must add that a lot of the trouble doesn’t come from him directly, but from the reactions of our group towards him. Meeting his kind with hostility and trying to make him as unfomfortable as possible sure isn’t going to help, so I took it on myself to keep him safe, and the rest of the group away.

But the most interesting things happening so far has been an attack on Ilona by the same man we met on the way to the plantation. the man proved to be a real idiot as he had totally misinterpreted the prophecy regarding us. The second thing was Marek being stupid enough to anger and insult Kaiya. He’s lucky he survived her attack, and I stopped Kaiya before more damage was done. Suffice to say tension was high after that. And the last thing was that i called the rest of the group together so everything could be thrown into the open about what was going on and who our patrons are, before the secrecy tears the group apart.

The Real Faces of Power

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