The Savage Tide


The Savage Tide was stopped by a war that shook the very foundations of the outer planes themselves.

Demogorgon, Prince of Demons, was killed by the Heroes of Farshore. This intrepid band of adventurers had gathered an army the likes of which the abyss had not yet seen. Undead, celestials, demons and mortals alike fought side by side on the bloody fields of Gaping Maw.

The heroes personally ensured victory by taking out various dangerous and impossibly strong and crafty generals. Finally they faced Demogorgon himself.

In the final stages of bringing about the Savage Tide, the Prince was furious that they still posed such a threat to him. With only minutes to spare the heroes killed Demogorgon and thus defused the master shadowpearl.

In the wake of the battle Ilona claimed dominion over Gaping Maw. Although her claim was contested, with the help of her ally Malcanthet she managed to win dominance.

Draco and his wife retired. They sought and found happiness when they started a family. Kaiya asked for permission to enter the realm of Pharasma and her soul found peace at the side of the goddess. Her body was taken over by a forgotten demon lord who allied himself with Ilona. Khiria and her sister took off into the horizon, never to be heard from again. Martin took a year long holiday before going to Mendev to take up the fight against another demon lord.

Lavinia Vanderboren moved back to Sasserine, leaving Farshore in the capable hands of Amella Venkalie who had inherited all of Bullet’s assets there anyway.
Lavinia met Verus Teraknian at the city’s victory party and married him soon thereafter. They had two children together.

Yet the tale does not stop here.

Three years later the free captains of the shackles loomed on the horizon and demanded fealty from the free city of Sasserine.

Once more Lavinia sent out word to the Heroes of Farshore, yet not all of them answered. Khiria and her sister could not be found nor answered any magical message. Draco answered yet declined Lavinia’s request for help. He had a family to look after now and did not want to leave his wife and kids.

Martin came back from Mendev, Kaiya returned from Pharasma’s boneyard and even Ilona, still princess of demons, left her palace at Gaping Maw at Lavinia’s request.

The three heroes arrived during the pirates’ attack on the city. They managed to save hundreds of people by holding off the attacking forces while merchant vessels evacuated the citizens. They city was lost however.

Lavinia had sent for the heroes’ old ship, the Sea Wyvern and after most of the people had escaped the pirates’ fleet, they too left the smoking ruins of Sasserine behind. The pirates continued their attack and sacked the city of Sasserine.

That was 20 years ago. Most survivors traveled to either Farshore or other cities in the Shackles. Lavinia took her family back to her remaining holdings in Farshore and together with Amella Venkalie made the colony prosper. Sasserine now stands a deserted ruin, rumored to be cursed and haunted by ghosts and other monsters. During the past ten years, Farshore, as Sargava has become a lost colony. Only rarely does anyone hear anything about life on the Isle of dread.

The Savage Tide

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