I’m not so sure where to start with this, but seeing the events that took place the past few days it might be worth writing it down. And this morning so early seems to be a good time for it. Kaiya is still sleeping in bed, guess she’s not much of a morning person, so I have the room to myself.

It all started when Lavinia called me to her estate a few days back. When I got there, I apparently wasn’t the only one invited. Among the others were Kaiyla, whom i had never seen before, Ilona, Marek, a man named Martin and Caine…or should i say Bullet, a self proclaimed pirate. The reason for the meeting was dire indeed. Apparently Laviana’s inheritance hadn’t been all good, and she was left with quite a few debts to pay, and she needed help with that. She asked of us to go to the harbor to clear out some trouble with the harbor master about a payment, and look after one of her schips while there. Of course I agreed to go, sicne Lavinia is after all a good and dear friend.

The evening proved to be a bit different then I had imagined. The schip had apparently been taken over by some pirates, who were going to use it so smuggle some very expensive animals away from the city. We put a stop to it, and recovered both the key Lavinia had requested, and the money she owed the harbor master. Bullet and me brought the key back to Lavinia and afterwards i brought the money to the harbormaster, who agreed to immediately send guards to the schip to secure it. As we had performed so well, Lavinia asked if we wouldn’t be interested in working for her more regularly. Most agreed immediately…i guess money is money…and I would have done it for free, it is after all helping out a friend.

The next day we went to the ancient vault of the nobles to see what money of the family was left in there, and after some difficulties managed to enter the family vault itself, but much to our disappointment, not much in value was left in it. It seems this really isn’t Lavinia’s lucky break. Coming back home however it seemed some of the debts had been cleared, and I suspet Bullet has something to do with that. For all his bravado and claims of piracy i think he’s more the knight in shining armor then Martin claims to be.

Lavinia’s last request was to search for her brother and persuade him to come back to her. This is more in Ilona’s field of expertise to I let her busy herself with that while I went to take Kaiyla for a drink. While doing that we noticed a man following her so we intercepted him and questioned him on his motives, and learned that he knew where to find Vanthus. Apparently he’s stowed away on parrot island. So we gathered the group and went there, and of course it turned out to be a trap, one which didn’t fully work thanks to Caine, who had stayed in hiding. Marek, Caine and me managed to convince Vanthus to come and speak with Lavinia at the estate and he agreed.

hmm, Kaiya seems to be stirring in her sleep so i might aswel end here. I will write more later when i have the time ad the privacy.


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