To the plateau

Back in Farshore I’ve been trying to grasp what’s happened, but somehow the meaning eludes me. Martin has arranged with Lavinia to bury Isabelle with dignity. there has been aceremony. And Kaiya was askd to ake a painting, like she did before in Sasserine after the attack on the mansion.

Bullet has been given a seaman’s grave. I guess he would have wanted it like that.

One morning there was an alert. Sails on the horizon. We could soon see the sign of Sarenrae on the main sail. I joined Lavinia and inquired if she was expecting people. But she was as surprised as I was.

The ship docked soon after, and the first one to come down the plank was a striking young woman wearing I blindfold. She walked as if she didn’t ecperience any hindrance from the blindfold. She said she was looking for a cleric of Sarenrae, a man named Voltus. I stayed out of her way. Something felt off about her. But I did join everyone at Lavinia’s to talk.

The Olman warrior we freed at the troglodyte place had met Voltus earlier and was bringing a message from him. It seems he was heading to the plateau because he believes there may be Olman tribesman living there free from the demonic influence. He asked to bring an amulet he had found earlier since it may be a key to somethign up there. The amulet displays three Olman gods (the moon, the sun, and a star) together with what looks like a bow.

We decided to go look for Voltus. The newly arrived girl, Khiria, and her sister Yanika were going as well. And it turns out two of their passengers, husband and wife, too.

We headed out on the Wyvern and made landfall after three days. Khiria cast a windwalk spell so we could cover ground very fast. it took merely a few hours to reach the plateay. martin decided to look for tracks and found some. We decided to follow them and then two lizardmen stopped us. When we told them we were looking for a cleric called Voltus they took us to their camp.

Their leader told us Voltus had been leading them, but he had left to investigate a village nearby and hadn’t returned. He believed him dead.

The next morning a lookout came running in to tell the leader Voltus had returned with his companions. When that party arrived, I checked them for magic, and found illusions on most of them, and a transmutation spell on Voltus’ dog. Martin seemed to have found somethign suspicious as well since he started acting weird. So I decided to try a disenchant spell on one of the lizardmen. I managed to distrupt the illusion, and immediately a fight broke out. We had to fight off two demons and six humans with some demonic taint.

Afterwards Voltus’ followers decided to leave the plateau. We decided to go investigate further. We found the village deserted. Only the corpse of a tribal leader remained, lying on a funeral pyre ready to be lit. He was guarded by three couatls. Martin was aloowed to lite the fire, and the late chief’s spirit appeared. He allowed each of us to ask a question.

We decided to head for the center of the plateau, to the ancient city and deal with the demons there. We soon reached the lake, and crossed over to the cliffside. We saw an enormous carved entrance. Inside we were greated by a huge waterdemon who was guarding the entrance. When we attacked we found out it was an illusion. The demon tried to separate the warriors from the casters with a wall of ice. But Khiria broke the wall with a wall of fire. The only bad thing about this was the cloud of fog that was left behind.

After this Khiria tried to heal me, and discovered I can’t be healed the normal way. I realise I should have said something. But something still seems off about her. I can’t seem to trust her. Maybe it’s what happened with Elisabeth; I don’t know. It’s just how I feel.

I noticed some writing on the wall and automatically went over to investigate. When I tried to decipher I realised too late it was a trap: a symbol of death. I remember a hideous pain, and the next I know I’m lying on the ground hurting all over and Khiria kneeling over me with the crumbling remains of a scroll in her hands. Pharasma is going to love this …

I mad a treasure map and it showed me two locations. We headed towards the first location on the map. But the very next room we were ambushed by a whole army of shapeshifters. There were like a dozen archers and their leader, and two spellcasters. We had a load of trouble with this. Kayia went down looking like a pincushion. She had an arrow in her eye and I knew she was gone. Martin went down burning, but somehow Khiria managed to heal him. But in the end we managed to kill them all.

After this we decided to go rest on our ship. And I asked for a teleport to go and buy a scroll to bring back Kaiya.

And then we moved on and reached a room with three statues: the ancient gods I remembered from the amulet. So I asked yanika to take it out of her pack. In, the floor were three circles of indentations, and three globes with the sign of a god on it. We also noted a series of symbols on the outer edge of the amulet and decided to move the globes in the sequence indicated. Then those gods appeared before us and gave us an artifact bow they had given their greatest hero a long time ago.

To the plateau

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