To War

We arrived at Demogorgon’s prison, and found it to be as dual natured as he himself is. One part a raging volcano, the other a rigid fortress. We decided to try our luck at the fortress.
Inside I charmed a quasit to be our guide. It told us there’s a war going on between a number of powerful beings. In the end we had to visit (and fight) a number of them before we got our information.

A succubus with the name of Redshroud was supposed to have information we could use. So we went to pay her a visit. We managed to get her to tell it to us if we promissed to send that demon to her.

The previous queen of succubi, Shami Amourae, was supposed to have found out a way to kill Demogorgon, and was locked up in the Wells of Darkness for it. So we went there. It turned out the lord of that place was a prisoner of his own realm now, and we had to kill his keepers to free him. he agreed to release Shami Amourae if we promissed to give him a creature of at least the same power in exchange.

She told us Demogorgon’s greatest weakness is his two heads. If he get’s caught by surprise he’s indecisive for a little while untill his two heads can get an agreement on what to do next. And if we would be able to get enough going for awhile, this time would be considerable.

When we left the prison area we noticed Demogorgon had changed the course of the river Styx and met with Charon who was seriously pissed. He immediately proposed to help kill the prince of demons, and took us to the witch on her island on the Styx. She promissed to help us if we could get enough backing.

The first faction we tried to get on our side was Demogorgon’s first general. We needed to summon him to ask him, and needed the cursed book of infinite spells we’d found earlier. Pharasma allowed us to use it, and the demon agreed to try and kill his brother when we attacked.

Malcanthet was supposed to be easy enough, but our Oracle decided to be contrary. We’d found out Malcanteth held a silver flask that could be used to hold a demon lord; and it currently held a previous prince of demons. Instead of simply asking the queen of succubi she decided to steal it. Ofcourse Malcanthet wasn’t pleased and it nearly fell apart. Malcanthet gave me a boon, but in her infinite wisdom our oracle decided to dispell it without consulting me first, the next morning.

The Eladrin agreed to join if we were to kill a manace that had been plagueing them for a long time: Nidhogg, eating the roots of their world tree. We killed the monster, and our friends rewarded us with a drink from their magical fountain. That is, all except Kayia and me. And guess who decided not to turn down this gift, after stealing away mine? No surprise there.

Lavinia decided to bring three ships and 1500 men.

Next was an enormous battle where we teleported to varous spots to help out with a problem; mostly considering some generals of demogorgon tipping the balance against us and we killing them.

The battle against demogorgon himself was fierce and fast. Demogorgon fell, and with his passing a vacancy came into being. Gaping Maw called for a new lord, and Malcanteth demanded her price for saving my life years before. I made a claim, even before I’d had the time to think it over. The only others to do so were Dagon and one of Demogorgon’s generals. With Malcanteth’s power backing me, I succeded. Ilona was nomore.

Sharess the Dancer, princess of demons, ruler of gaping maw

To War

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