Traveling South

We continued our way South along the shore. After a few hours it became clear the Tyranosaurus was hunting us. We decided to try and stay ahead of it rather then fight. Martin stayed behind to make a trap. He really shoudln’t have done that. After some more hours it became clear to us the dino had caught him. However in the night he returned to us, but changed. At first we were suspicious, but then Asmodeus sent one of his servants to clarify things. Martin was sent back, but in a new body. He’s now a sort of lizardman. The next day we came to a cliff. Since some of us are lousy climbers we decided to try and get around. Following the base we came to a breach in the wall where some sort of meteor had crashed through. On the other side of the crater we saw another breach and sea beyond. So we decided making our way through the crater.

Inside we had a fight with some terrorbirds. Near the evening we reached ancient Olman ruins inhabited by an old woman and a lot of spiders. We had a talk, and she told us of a passageway through the mountains. She also warned us of “four eyes chasing us”. Could this mean Demogorgon? I wonder.

We had to fight more terrorbirds when we reached the entrance to the passageway. Inside we had an encounter with a few huge centipeds. And later we found a room full of mummified bodies. I decided to open up a tomb to investigate, and was attacked right away by the mummy. Not a nice surprise.

We also found a room where thecreator of the tunnel had been buried alive to eternally guard the place. Luckily he remained dead.

And then we came to a staircase leading out to a waterfall beyond.

I’m feeling quite weird right now. It seems to me my birthmark is changing. It itches something fierce (which is how I discovered), and it seems to be growing.

Traveling South

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