Unexpected Tidings

My name is Avin Sumaeleon, I’m the son of traders. And in trade I’m my mothers son. I’m a Sea Warlock and I seek to control the elements to protect the weak and those dear to me.

I was picked up by a merchant ship after the whole ordeal with my parents’ their ship. I thought I could finally get a break. Well it seems I thought wrong. I had a drink in one of the local taverns. I don’t really remember the name. After that I used the bit of gold I had left to buy myself a new trident and net. So after that I headed to the docks to seek new employment. Well it seemed that employment found me and not otherwise. Everything went black before I could properly enjoy the harbour air only to wake up to the cradling of the waves.

Apparently I was not the only person who was press ganged.

  • A dashing young lady named Elizabeth who seems to be very proficient with her gun as with her mouth, I love listening to her tales while we are working in the bilges, time flies past much more easily.
  • Gabriel, some gruffy old guy who barely speaks, he usually just sits there.
  • Javid, now he is something, he seems to be the type who likes to shag everything with legs and boobs, or at least I hope he has limited himself to the opposite gender alone. He shagged the half-orc just to get his big sword back. But I do admire his martial skill. He hits hard and true.
  • Stavian, he looks like some type of corsair, wielding his cutlass. He seems like an ok guy to me, but not that I had much time to talk with him.
  • Wayne, who is fond of his rifle but ran the first time we truly had to stick together, I hope that attitude changes.
  • Elissa(?) is a young faithhealer whom seems to be a good lass.

Now, what has transpired on the ship. The Captain is some bloke who seems to have issues with socialising, his second in command is a guy named Puggs or something, god forbid how he got that name. What is clear though, is that they are bastards. A bunch of cut-throats of the purest sort, if you can even use the term pure in conjuncture with that.

So we were tested for our skill, climbing the ropes. Let’s just say that Stavian was the one who won, if you can call that winning. Since climbing the ropes daily is a dangerous ordeal. Javid now baptised Cupcake became the cooks assistant which includes drinking and catching food it seems. The rest of us are swags I believe. Well I’m used to being a swag, that is what I used to do on our ship as well. My father always said that you have to go through all layers before commanding a ship of your own. I never did tell him that I was not interested in commanding a ship, I love the sea and I love working on a ship, but I’m no captain.

Well it seems that Gozreh favours me, because most of my shifts are with Elizabeth, but I think I already mentioned that. She is fine company and the one who is closest to me on the ship. At least for the time being. I secretly look out to for her. I think I have taken somewhat of a liking to her.

A young priestess managed to get me my familiar back, by Gozreh was I happy about that. But I could go on about all the stuff that happened, but the short version is… I saw a man being killed by keelhauling. I was whipped by being about 30 seconds late on deck and this together with the rest except for Wayne, that bastard slipped through the guys trying to stop us getting in time instead of helping us, I will have to keep an eye on him, since he only seems to care about himself. When I was whipped, I decided to heal myself…end result was more lashes, but I kind of expected that. I was just testing them. I woke up in my hammock with a sore back later that day. We also cleared the bilges of some dire rats and also hunted crabs where we were attacked by some kinds of crustaceans. It is clear that Puggs doesn’t like us. He tries to put us in danger all the time. Perhaps because more and more people are joining us in the evening when we’re sitting together and having fun. We have been training boarding ships, but well its not my strongest point. I’m more of a supporter instead of an assaulter but well… It made me end in the water a couple of times, god I love swimming. Sometime after that I believe, Puggs tried to get Wayne killed while he was cleaning the bilges.

We spotted a sail on the horizon and started chasing it. We were faster and we boarded the ship. I couldn’t get my bloody hook over the other side. So I had to try again and than managed to climb to the other ship, the others were there faster and the healer took a dive, apparently two or three even. But what do you expect when you try to fight a ship battle with chain and shield donned. But in the end we managed to keep the aft deck clear and staved off the various assaults. It is during that battle that Scourge was attacked from the back and we didn’t warn him. So he got hurt in his feelings and only gave us 50% of our commission, not that I give a fuck. I’d rather see him dead than gaining an extra 75 gold pieces. May Gozreh take him one day and I hope I’ll witness it.
The crews were divided over both ships and we ended up on the same ship as Scourge and Buttpluggs and some of their best asslickers. Joy Joy I say. I wonder what will happen now…

Unexpected Tidings

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