Tracking down Vanthus was going to be a problem. I started askign around and followed his trail into the slums. A few local predators figured they were going to have themselves a good time and I had to use my charms to talk them out of it. Eventually I found out he had been at a shop in the harbor. When I met Isabella and Kayia they were interrogating a guy who said he had information. by that time I’d had enough of running around dodging groping hands, so I hit him with all the charm I had. So he was happy to tell us everything he knew. Vanthus had sent him to get us to Parrot Island.

At some point i lashed out verbally because I had the impression some of them were talking down on me behind my back. I told them in no uncertain terms that if they have a problem with me they should tell me.

When we got to the place all uf us except Caine crawled into the smuggler tunnels. I think that man just loves sneaking around. In any case once we hit the bottom the rope came falling down and Vanthus stood there laughing at us. Martin fired an arrow, and I tried charming him but he resisted.

He agreed to talk with Lavinia, and we took him to her place. On the way I noticed he was wearing a magical tattoo in the shape of the mark of Demagorgon. That was the second time in as many days I thought my heart was going to stop. I was scared out of my mind and I think I even pulled my clothing around in an effort to try and make sure my mark was still hidden. I think I saw Marek watching me, but I’m not sure if he was wondering why I was behaving strangly or if he was merely staring at my bottom. I have no idea what was duscussed. I was in too much of a shock.

I even went as far as trying a prayer to my mistress; something I have never done before seeing as our relationship is only something of a mutual service or something. But i’m a bit worried if this is more then merely coincidence.


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